Special Lecture by Ambassador of Tunisia held at Dankook University 2017-06-26



A Special Lecture by Arab Diplomatic Corps hosted by the Korea-Arab Society was held on 24th May 2017 at Dankook University. H.E. Mohamed Ali NAFTI, Ambassador of Tunisia to Korea was invited to deliver the lecture on "2nd Republic in Tunisia: Challenges and Perspectives ". He delivered a lecture about the historical facts of Tunisia and current situation of the country and its challenges after Arab Spring and bilateral relations of Korea and Tunisia.
He focused on explaining influences of Arab Spring that started in Tunisia on the democratization of Tunisia. In addition, he also explained about challenges that Tunisia currently faces and efforts they have made along with civil society such as “Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet” which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2015.
During Q&A session after the lecture, there were various questions regarding democratization in Tunisia, the relationship between Korea and Tunisia and tourism industry of the country.

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