Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan


Designed to promote mutual understanding and communication between Korea and the Arab world, the Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan has been annually held since 2008. The Caravan offers various and dynamic Korean cultural programs that combines tradition and modernity to effectively introduce Korean culture and art to the Arab region and booster Korean-Arab cultural exchange. Caravan showcases various aspects of Korean culture and actively publicizes Korean cultures in the Arab region, and the Korea-Arab Society expects that it will help improve Korea’s national image, facilitate mutual cultural exchange, and pave the way for greater economic cooperation. Also an extensive personal network will be built with Arab figures in cultural, economic and other sectors through exchange with the host country’s senior officials from the government and businesspeople participating in the Caravan and the event should increase mutual goodwill between Korea and the Arab world.


October or November


Arab countries


Korean delegation and key figures in Arab countries

Past events:
  • Oct 2008 the 1st Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan in 11 Arab countries (Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and the UAE)
  • Oct 2009 the 2nd Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan in 8 Arab countries (Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Syria)
  • Oct 2010 the 3rd Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan in 7 Arab countries (Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Tunisia)
  • Oct 2011 the 4st Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan in 7 Arab countries (Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and the UAE)
  • Nov 2012 the 5th Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan in 2 Arab countries (Jordan and Morocco)
  • Oct 2013 the 6th Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan in 3 Arab countries (Algeria. Kuwait and the UAE: Dubai)
  • Oct, Nov 2014 the 7th Korea-Arab Caravan in 3 Arab countries (Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia)
  • Oct, Nov 2015 the 8th Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan in 4 Arab countries (Bahrain, Lebanon, Qatar and the UAE)
  • Oct, Nov 2016 the 9th Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan in 4 Arab countries (Sudan, Egypt, Kuwait and the UAE)