Welcome to the website of the Korea-Arab Society

The Korea-Arab Society (KAS) was established in 2008 to enhance mutual understanding between Korea and 22 Arab countries which are member of the Arab League. Its vision is to become an effective communication channel between Korea and the Arab countries. KAS is a non-profit organization funded by the Korean and Arab governments and business entities of both sides. KAS is actively seeking ways to increase opportunities for cultural exchanges between the two regions by organizing events such as ‘Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan’ and ‘Arab Cultural Festival’. The ‘Korea-Middle East Cooperation Forum’ can be a venue to discuss important issues for the development of Korean-Arab relations.

Also KAS supports people-to-people exchange of students and business people, and work on projects that enable both Koreans and Arabs to gain a better understanding of their respective cultures, and develop various activities by supporting events hosted by other organizations or co-hosting events with them. It is only natural to say that the success of KAS depends on the deepening of the mutual understanding and enhancing a better appreciation of both Korean and Arab peoples for their respective regions. Any contributions, suggestions, ideas or opinions will be greatly appreciated for our activities and forge a stronger relation between Koreans and Arabs.

We promise to do our very best to provide useful information through this website. Thank you very much.

President of Korea-Arab Society Mohamed ALHARTHY Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman to the Republic of Korea